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Environmental Department


  • What does the Tribe’s environmental department do?

    • The Qawalangin Tribe’s Environmental Department was established through the Environmental Protection Agency Indian General Assistance Program (EPA IGAP). Working as a conduit between local, state, and federal environmental agencies, it is the mission of the Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska Environmental Office to develop governance mechanisms, and to strengthen, serve, and represent the Tribal Members' voices in matters related to the land, sea, natural, and cultural resources traditionally valued by the Unangan people.

  • What are the different environmental programs?

    • The three main environmental programs at our Tribe are IGAP (Indian General Assist Program), TRP (Tribal response Program), and NALEMP (Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation Program). To learn more about each program, visit our website here.

  • What is the environmental department’s contact information?

    • You can call our environmental department at (907) 581-2920, or email at You can also support our Facebook page for the environmental department here by liking and sharing!