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October 24, 2017
City of Unalaska Regular Meeting
The City Council will meet for a Regular Meeting at the Unalaska City Hall Council Chambers on Tuesday, October 24 to present awards to those who have served the City for up to 25 years, listen to presentations from P.C.R., I.F.H.S., & Public Library, and to discuss New Business: allocation of 500,000 dollars to support the Emergency Assistance Support Request by I.F.H.S., allocation of $45,000 for the Wind Power Development and Integration Assessment Project, and more.

Wednesdays at 7p.m.

Strengthening Our Nets: Men's Gathering

Men come together in a mentoring and supportive environment hosted by A.P.I.A. at 7pm each Wednesday of the month at the Burma Road Chapel. Please call 581-2751 for Janice at A.P.I.A.'s Behavioral Health Clinic for inquiries that concern the support group

Thru End of Year

2017 Citizen Survey

The City of Unalaska is sponsoring a citizen survey through the National Research Center, Inc., a survey that has selected a statistically significant percentage of households, at random, to participate in the survey; full anonymity. If your house was not chosen, go to:

Eight facets the survey will evaluate: Safety, Mobility, The Natural Environment, The Built Environment, The Economy, Recreation and Wellness, Education and Enrichment, Community Engagement

Upcoming Events

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